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From Yossi's Desk

The new Startup Montreal building in Beer Sheva


The new Startup Montreal building in Beer Sheva was inaugurated by the Montreal Federation CJA Chairman’s mission on 8 May, 2011.
The festive ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Beer Sheva, the Executive Director of the Rashi Foundation, deputy mayors, city Councilors and other officials. A plaque was unveiled, a ribbon was cut and the mezuzah was affixed, after which the state-of-the-art building was declared officially open.

The Startup Centre aims to retain a strong presence of young adults in the Beer Sheva region and to encourage young adults from elsewhere to make the Negev their home.  Startup is one-stop-shop which seeks to support the hopes and aspirations of young adults on a very practical level, offering academic guidance, scholarships, career advice, business development programs and leadership development programs.

The model was inspired over ten years ago by the ProMontreal concept as part of a deepening relationship between Montreal and Beer Sheva/Bnei Shimon.

As delegation head Martin Schwartz said during the ceremony: “Today, by inaugurating this new facility, we feel blessed to have made this dream a reality.  We can only wish that this new building, the only one in Israel, will bring even more successes and will care to make sure that all young adults born here or those passing by during their studies will decide to make this region their home and strengthen the capacity of theNegev from within.”

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